Using PR to Market Your Book

Getting the Word Out

One of the most cost-effective ways to “get the word out” about your new book is to use a press release. Basically, this is a brief announcement directed to the media (magazines, newspapers, TV, and online sites), which describes something which is newsworthy. Obviously a new book is a newsworthy event, and a press release is a valuable component to letting the world know the book is available, has been published, has won an award, or anything else that would be considered news about the book and/or author.

A press release is not an article, or an advertisement, and must be written to catch the interest of somebody reading it for potential use in a news outlet, where it may eventually be seen by the public.

Some of the most important things to know when developing a press release to send to the media is proper formatting, the required elements such as “attribution,” and making sure the right information is included.

The Right Length

The common optimum length for a press release is 400-800 words, with 400-600 words being a good target length. In many cases a 400-500 word release is “just right” because it ensures you get to the point in what you’re announcing. Length will vary, and run longer, when there is mandatory “boiler plate” information typically found in releases for publicly traded companies or with partnership announcements.

Write for brevity when possible and make every word count, but you don’t need to be obsessive about it — it’s important to remember you’re writing a news announcement and not the “great American novel.” Be matter-of-fact but also attempt to engage the reader with information that draws the interest of the person who might read it. Be aware that some major media outlets like the Los Angeles Times book review section might receive hundreds of press releases per month from around the world, so your “hook” can be very important.

With product announcements your headline can be more general, as simple as “BigBear Publishing Announces Latest Version of BearMarket, the Leading Bear Tracking Guide.” With general editorial — sometimes called feature stories — you need to be more creative.

The release should be written to reflect the actual news announcement in specifics, which are clearly stated. Avoid hyperbole like “the greatest book ever written,” and similar statements. Vague or projected content will not interest the receiving media targets (editors, assistant editors, etc.). Use good grammar, and strong action words like “will” versus “may” and “does” versus “might.”

Be aware that most news services that send releases to the media electronically have word length limits (length of the entire release in words, not characters). Words are calculated “absolutely” using the word count feature in a word processor, and not the old-fashioned line/character counting method once used for book manuscripts…

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A Variety of Kitchen Pot Holders Are Available

Curated article on the hand woven pot holder and its variety of forms. Includes videos showing how to get accustomed to a basic potholder loom kit, potholder loops and lace edged variations, and other pot holder loom details:

By G. Smitty | Submitted On January 28, 2011

For many, cooking is a joy, and spending time in the kitchen is considered time well spent. They will spend a fortune on decorating and make sure they have the latest appliances. The last thing they want is to damage any of it by a moment’s carelessness, especially when it is unnecessary. The last half an hour before a dinner party, can be the worst. The pan is just about to catch, and you whip it away in time and put it on your nice new surface leaving a less than perfect reminder of the night. A kitchen that has taken up so much of a budget and so much time and effort to design, source and install can have been spoiled forever by a moment’s panic and lack of preparation. For a very small sum, you can stop this happening by investing in some a kitchen pot holder.

So, what is a potholder and why do you need this appliance? According to the Oxford English Dictionary, it is “a thick protective piece of material used when removing hot dishes or pans from a cooker. Kitchen Pot holder appliances come in many shapes and sizes, some fun, some purely practical but all a necessity to keep the kitchen tops free from damage. If you are in the market for these items you will be spoiled for choice. They can come as cheaply as a couple of dollars yet you could just as easily pay $50 or more. Color is no problem so however your kitchen is decorated, you will be able to match it.

In addition, regardless of your hobby or interest, there is a good chance that someone will have made one either in the shape of the hobby or with the design on it. An ideal holder will fulfill a variety of uses, protecting the surfaces from heat, steam and stains. What was at one time an annoying necessity has become almost a fashion item. Stores such as IKEA and Marks and Spencer’s have them, and there are a variety of online sites that provide them, bringing them in from France, Spain and Egypt. You can easily bring a bit of your favorite country to you own kitchen.

The items are small and easy to store, and equally important they are easy to wash and dry. You will not have to worry about leaving your surfaces unprotected. It is also possible to coordinate these kitchen pot holder items with the other material items in your kitchen, such as aprons and oven gloves. A trip to any large store should give you the chance of finding at least one or two of these, so next time you redecorate or upgrade your kitchen, do not just look for the big items. The appliances you may only use once or twice, such as a bread maker or smoothie maker bought on a whim, will look nice and opulent, but the little pieces of material that will protect so much, will always come in handy.

G. Smitty is a writer who loves to discuss many topics ranging from iron pot holder [] to professional basketball. Thanks for reading!

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